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Metachem ranks among the pioneers of Expandable Graphite. Established in 1964 as a Foundry Chemical Manufacturing Unit, our founder, the late Mr M.G.Pawar opened a large potential market of Graphite and Graphite based applications. We have recognized the immense potential that Graphite has with the latest technologies, in advanced industrial production ever since. From the raw flake graphite we have developed Expandable Graphite and Flame Retardants. To concentrate on product development and customer satisfaction we have evolved to a new company called Metachem .
Marketing Network
The Company has a well-established network of distribution. We cater to the needs of our customers promptly and effectively. We operate our marketing activities directly from our head quarters at Pune as well as through Agents in North America, Central America, South America, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom and all Asian Countries.
Our Customers
Our commitment is to provide products and services that meet our client's requirements. Our strength in this line of activity lies in the fact that we deliver the goods well within the time frame and with the required purity and specifications.
We export about 90% of our production to UK, USA, Germany, France, Japan, Belgium.
Production Facilities
The Company has two production units, one at Chinchwad (Pune) and the other at Bibwewadi (Pune). Our manufacturing unit at Chinchwad employ's the most modern and innovative techniques of production and is fully backed by a Research and Development facility.
Research And Development
To achieve this high quality work we have a Research and Development Centre at our manufacturing unit at Chinchwad (Pune). Our Research and Development Centre and laboratory have qualified professionals who are constantly at work on new techniques and future oriented products. Our team of dedicated professionals are constantly trying to meet the demands, to deliver quality products and provide efficient service to fully satisfy our customers. Metachem incorporates a balanced design technology in all its operations, which ensures sensitivity, durability and dependability in all our products. The company offers a consistent and impressive series of core technologies achieving customer objectives within the framework of a confidential long-term partnership.
Keeping Pace With New Technologies
The company is professional in its approach to delivering quality products. For Metachem , friendship with its customers has transcended generations and the company consistently strives for serving the generations to come. Metachem will surely keep pace with new developments. We believe in preserving our resources for our next generation and therefore see the balance between ecology & economy is maintained. We give complete satisfaction to our customers by providing an excellent customer support to succeed in the global market. We work with our customers in developing new applications and new products.
Core Competencies
We are a leading specialist in the manufacture of a wide range of Expandable Graphite. Our high performance standard at every level makes it possible for us to provide tailor-made products meeting specific customers requirements, thus ensuring superior value end products. We are a customer oriented company and the secret of our success is our dedicated team, committed to deliver the best to maintain the faith of our customers. With our state-of-art expertise in Expandable Graphite technology, we are well placed to offer technical assistance when needed and to work with customers on user-specific applications. Our strength lies in our innovative ideas and created applications.
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